Geomodel: paleontological reconstructions and fleshed-out restorations

Geomodel is an artisan workshop of scenic arts specialized in creating 3D, full-scaled dinosaur fleshed-out models, strictly based on scientific data.

Collaborating with paleontologists, craftsmen and sculptors, painters and illustrators, sfx- and paleo-artists, Geomodel gained an international, high reputation for scientific accuracy and made in Italy design.

Geomodel uses natural and synthetic materials such as epoxy resin, fiberglass, glass, silicon, rubber, latex, clay and many others. This way, the models created are light and can be easily assembled-dismantled, and transported. At the same time they resist impact, and effects of weather outside.

The consulting professional paleontologists and the Geomodel’s skilled technical team contribute to the exactness of the anatomical details and the extreme effectiveness of textures, surfaces and colorations. The high quality thus achieved makes the models very reliable and realistic, perfectly suitable for museum exhibitions too.

Finally, Geomodel promotes and installs self-planned dinosaur exhibitions, and has been contributing to important palaeontological shows and events.